Back pain is one of the most common issues people suffer from.  Back pain can affect your physical activity as well as your mental health.  People who are in any kind of pain are usually moodier, have less patience and self-medicate (which comes with side effects).

Yoga can be a great resource for those who suffer from back pain.  There are many yoga studios that offer classes specifically for spinal health and strengthening.  Before starting any kind of yoga or exercise be sure to communicate your injuries to the instructor and ask for modifications.

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Here are a few poses you can do from home that is generally safe for most people. Child’s pose, bridge pose, legs up the wall, cat and cow, upward facing dog and pigeon pose (I suggest doing this pose lying on your back if your hips are tight).
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It’s best when stretching to be mindful and feels when the stretch starts and hold until the body starts to release and you can extend the stretch.  Durning any stretch you should always focus on your breath work.  Deep inhales and exhales will open up the muscles and continue to help with circulation.
If you continue to suffer from back pain I would also recommend seeing your local San Diego Chiropractors.   Getting an exam and determining why you are experiencing lower back pain can help to find a solution to your problem and not just cover it up with medications.
Chiropractic not only helps to release pressure on the joints but also release pressure on any nerves that may be pinched. To ensure you are able to see any issues it’s important to get a nerve scan and X-rays.
Many  San Deigo Chiropractors have seen a significant reduction in patient’s low back pain when they get adjusted on a regular basis.   A combination of yoga and chiropractic care can be a wonderful way to naturally combat chronic lower back pain.