For tax specialists that are trying to make more money and become a trusted and well-respected professional, you should consider becoming an enrolled agent. In order to become an EA, you have to pass a three-part test, which demonstrates your knowledge of tax preparation and the tax code. One of the most effective methods to get ready for the assessment would be to enroll in one of the many online instructional classes, such as the surgent ea review. Courses, like the surgent ea review, provide you access to over one thousand questions, many of which are going to be very similar, if not identical to questions on the actual test.

Naturally, there are traditional courses you can enroll in, that can be found with numerous community colleges. And while the classes can be beneficial for those pupils who have limited to no tax preparation experience, in most instances they are overkill. For example, wiseguides ea review provides a very practical enrolled agent course, that can definitely allow you to pass the test on your first attempt. Having said that, you want to fully research the various enrolled agent courses, before you put down your hard-won money. Not all the courses and training programs available are created equal, and just because a course is cheaper, doesn't mean that they will include all the tools or instruction that you will need. When it comes to preparing for the enrolled agent course, the last thing you would like to do is get the lowest priced training class, and find out when it comes to taking the test, you aren't fully prepared. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that lots of suppliers offer different guarantee's as well as warranties on their courses.  So in the case that you simply need additional time or you failed the test in your first attempt, based on which supplier you choose could mean the difference between qualifying  for a cash back discount and not being able to receive one.