Linear motion is the most fundamental of all motions. Objects that aren’t subjected to outside forces will advance uniformly in a straight line permanently.

Linear Motion is the motion along a line or amount of area. Linear movement can be uniform at a constant speed, or non-uniform with varying velocities (non-zero acceleration). The movement of an object along a line can be described by its position (x), which disagrees with the amount of time (t). Linear motion can be called rectilinear motion.


A cam follower process is a system/mechanism that employs a cam and follower to create a particular motion. The camera is in most cases just a flat piece of metal which has a profile or shape machined onto it. This camera is attached to a rotating shaft which enables it to be turned by applying a turning activity to the shaft.If you have any query regarding linear motion system then you can click here.

As the cam rotates it’s the profile or shape of the camera which causes the follower to move in a particular way. The motion of the follower is subsequently transferred to some other mechanism or a different component of the mechanism.


Actuators are devices that place the Linear motion system into automatic actions. Actuators are used in a huge array of applications, from business machines producing products to computers starting up. Whichever kind of actuator you need, there are numerous unique kinds that may help you reach putting things into motion.