While there are several people who are ready to buy houses, there are also several people who want to sell their houses fast and easy; however, that is not always the case. Some people find it difficult, time, effort, and money consuming. 

There are various reasons why your house sits in the idle in a seller's market. It may be because it is overpriced compared to its current market value. This is one of the common mistakes in selling houses. For instance, your current house's market value is $850,000 but your sales agent had priced your home $1.2 million; so, there is a significant discrepancy between the quoted price with the current market value. Thus, this could result to long-listing of homes unsold. Then, if the overpricing continues and your house have not been sold, even though your price went down few thousands and you changed your agent, still the problem continues. 

At some point that frustration and exhaustion get in to you, you would probably agree to sell your house amounting to half a million dollars. The sad part is, you could have studied it wisely beforehand and sold it in its current market value. Learn more about these at WeBuyYourHousesFastCorona .