Foreign travelers and non-locals of the province coming in a place for a vacation have their own specific tastes and interest of the place. Some may just want to just bask under the sun and relax while others are more in to fun activities whatever the place showcases. It all depends on their liking and time again, the province of Cebu has been addressing the things that they are in to keep them interested in the place. That being said, locals safekeeping the tourist spots of Cebu have been doing a very good job on the things they are assigned to.

Whale shark watching and canyoneering activities are the most common things to do while foreign tourists and non-locals are staying in the province. Whale shark watching gives them a different experience since they are able to see up-close the gentle giants gliding along the sea. This is a perfect scenario as well especially to those underwater diving enthusiasts or scuba divers. Canyoneering is another activity that will test their will and endurance to finish the trek. They will be traversing their way from point A to point B and that includes jumping off cliffs. Such activity is the perfect way to finish the day tour’s itinerary.