Globally, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness, accounting for a minimum of 51 percent of most instances of entire blindness that reflects at least 20 million people.  What’s more, it’s quite regrettable that approximately 54 million individuals, most whom have been now in developing countries suffer with mild to severe visual handicap because of cataracts.

The lens of your eyes is basically made from less water and protein and lots of aspects can lead to denaturation of this protein and result in opacification or bleaching of this lens substantially like the exact egg albumin turns white when boiled.  Therefore, to solve this problem, cataract surgery is the solution and it is one of the most perfected surgeries in the world.

Highlighted here are a few critical facts that you probably never knew about glaucoma.

  1. Advanced age is the single most significant risk factor for glaucoma Age-related or senile cataract accounts for some cases of Illness. It’s projected that roughly 50 percent of people are going to have the disease by age 65 decades and almost everyone over 75 years possess some cataract.
  2. It’s likely to be born with Illness Regrettably, a few babies have been born with glaucoma. This sort is also known as premature cataracts. It may appear as a consequence of several infectious conditions from the mother during pregnancy like rubella, chickenpox, syphilis, and cytomegalovirus, along with other causes.
  3. Some people have the incorrect belief that cataracts can propagate from one eye to another. Scientifically, that isn’t correct. But, glaucoma can impact either or both eyes simultaneously or at different situations.