A swimming pool heat pump operates by transferring heat from one source (usually in the air or the floor) and moving it to the pool water. The operation is very similar to your home fridge but in reverse.

They’re extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly since they use less electricity compared to traditional gas, oil or electrical heating systems. A normal heat pump system may use around 1kw of electric energy to generate 5kw of heating energy by taking advantage of heat which would otherwise be wasted.

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The initial outlay might be marginally greater than for a similar traditional pool heating system however the lower costs in conducting the heat pump system ensures that the first expenditure can be quite quickly recouped. Normally less than five decades.

There are lots of elements to think about prior to buying an electric pool heat pump such as the substance used for the heater element (titanium lasts much more but will cost more), the guarantee given by the manufacturer and the installer and, above all, the heating or dimensions of this machine.

If you’re interested in finding out more about utilizing a freshwater heater method on the swimming pool we advise you to contact a respectable provider with extensive knowledge and expertise with heating systems to be able to find out the most suitable system for your requirements.