There Are a growing number of Debatable reports Enclosing the DEPUY ATTUNE Total Knee Replacement (“TKA”) device. Issues with the ATTUNE apparatus can comprise:

Loosening is among the very serious problems that people Who’ve had an entire Knee Replacement (“TKA”) can suffer with. Tibial loosening occurs when the plate of a TKA device that attached to the lower leg bone gets loose.

Loosening of a TKA Implant may result in many different major problems, including dislocation of their TKA apparatus, fracturing of their bone on the apparatus, as well as the requirement for an extra revision surgery to fix the issues with the gadget.

The DEPUY ATTUNE TKA apparatus Appears to be Especially vulnerable to premature tibial loosening. A 2017 study printed in the Journal of Knee Surgery suggested that loosening episodes with the DEPUY ATTUNE knee replacement method might be underreported.

Patients or people with loved ones who’ve experienced a Depuy ATTUNE knee replacement must stay alert for symptoms and signs of tibial loosening.

You should also Stay alert to:

  • Backwards, sideways, or other strange movement angles of the knee using the TKA apparatus
  • Instability or inability to use pressure or weight on the knee
  • Unusual pain, especially months or weeks following the operation

In the Event That You or a loved you’ve experienced a DEPUY ATTUNE Total Knee Replacement operation and are experiencing some of the aforementioned issues, please Get in touch with us for a free case review.