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Cold Room Manufacturers: The Questions You Must Ask When Picking a Cold Room Supplier

Choosing between chilly room producers is an important decision because the cold room you choose might be with you for 10 or 20 years. So It's as important to consider not just the cost and the size of your cold area, but also to ask these 7 questions:

1. Can they manufacture on a large scale? Large-scale manufacturing will help to keep down prices, giving you a better ticket price. Fantastic stock levels also mean not having to wait months for your chilly room to be made, helping to get you up and running more quickly. Start looking for providers who operate globally and are large enough to have their own large-scale manufacturing plants.

2. Do they offer the entire assortment of cold and freezer rooms? Every food-related company has slightly different needs concerning temperature ranges required, amount of inventory to be catered to and size of packages to be saved.

As an example, if you require freezer and chiller storage, a Combi space will occupy far less space than a separate freezer and cold room. A manufacturer who doesn't supply Combi rooms might end up costing you money and space.

3. Do they build in security compliance as standard? Having a cold room is about far more than keeping food chilled – it's a vital part of maintaining your company compliant with food safety regulations (e.g. 2006 HACCP regulations).