If you are looking to grow your mlm business then you need the proper leads and customers to get things running.

Though traffic and buying lots of it tends to be the strategy for most people, some just directly buy mlm leads from bulk suppliers, then contact them directly to build up their downlines.

If this sounds feign to you, that’s because it’s not a common practice, but it is a very strong way to build a personal connection to your list and customers in a shorter amount of time than normal. This is because you reach out to your new leads either through email, phone call, or text message to get them to respond in a more direct format.

Most people in the biz opp world do not do this practice because it takes a lot of work. But realistically work creates your business, so shying away from work just means that you will be growing your business at a far slower rate than someone who takes an active role.

Your downline, when properly constructed, will make you both passive and active income and over time this momentum will carry with you as you build up more businesses and go into other companies. When people trust you, they will follow you to whatever other opportunities that you have.